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About Our Services


Florida-REO provides the tools and strategies necessary for successful property development from land acquisition, entitlement and construction through sales or lease up. We also assist owners and developers’ interface with planners, engineers, attorneys, lenders, and other professionals needed to accomplish a project.
Entrepreneurs or managers having a difficult time going it alone today can call upon FREO to pick up the slack, fill in as needed to avoid having to provide expensive employees for an extended time. As strategic planners and creative problem solvers, FREO can get the job done at a fraction of cost having been providing the ‘answers’ for over 25 years to many owners and development companies along the eastern seaboard.
FREO can also provide management of assets, as well as specialized brokerage services to the homebuilding trade in the acquisition of land, lots to the homebuilding trade, and sites for the apartment developers, and other specific services including being the liaison for owners in their relationship with contractors.

Allow us to offer a professional set of eyes to help you evaluate a potential site, or project,  call us 407-342-3648.

We'll give you a real world analysis to show you how your project can benefit from our expertise

About Our Services

Interface with your Team. 
Advising Services

We become the interface to your architect, engineer, site contractor, others. No need to have a full time person on your staff; we can fulfill the need for only the portion of time and/ or job needed. Maximize the effectiveness of the team. Reduce the costs.

Management, Marketing & Sales

The 3 top tier points. The right Management is only as good as the marketing and sales effort. Our focus on your project prioritizes the 3 elements that get you leads that turn into sales.


We bring you the latest technology to maximize your presence in the social media arena and use the full spectrum of technology to showcase and market your project. We keep up with changes in the technology sphere so you don't have to.

Real Estate Brokerage

Specialized brokerage for sales, purchase of your specific site.

Excellent Reputation

Well thought out, unbiased recommendations & advice, always internally reviewed by a peer with the highest level of confidence.

Experienced Team

Our consulting group is led by a senior management member, average 25 years experience

Excellent Service

Often times our clients do not have full control over timing for their deals and the Consulting team has a knack for making the right things happen at the right time.

Excellent Value

Since we focus on current data each month to make the correct decision, we are more likely to get to the right answer for your needs faster.

Putting together all the pieces takes talent and we bring the team together that gets your project where you want it to go.

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To learn more about our consulting services, contact any of our principal professionals.

Ron Schwartz

Ron has spent the past 30 plus years working with landowners, builders, developers, and institutional groups to acquire and build housing, marketing and selling. His personal relationships
are invaluable to the entrepreneur and one can buy the time of a consultant rather than have a full-time person on their staff.

Ron provides real estate consulting services in the areas of land acquisition, due diligence land entitlement, marketing and sales including retail, single family and multi-family residential projects.

Florida real estate Broker
Florida Community Association Manager license
Construction Company Financial Officer
Realty Marketing Associates of Orlando LLC since 1988
BS Finance, Florida Atlantic University

Artie Schneider

Artie Schneider has over 30 years in land acquisition, development, and property management experience. For 20 years he was Regional Vice President Property Management for Harbor Group Management Company. Products included market rate rental apartments, affordable apartments, condominiums, assisted living facilities, student housing and luxury independent retirement units.

Florida real estate Broker
Florida Community Association Manager license
A B C & L Management, LLC
BS Business, University of Toledo

Frederick Nelsen

With a degree in marketing and a minor in multimedia, Frederick Nelsen has extensive experience in bringing together traditional marketing with today's technology.  With a background in launching several startups, both private sector and public. His well rounded experience combines the artistic and business elements needed to bring in a successful sales strategy and campaign. Currently owns and operates a successful marketing agency specializing in digital formats.

American Marketing Association
AIGA Contributing Member
Professional Photographers of America member

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